TOTYAKIN Co., Ltd. specializes in vacuum heat treatment and HIP treatment, and will provide knowledge and skills stacked built up for over 50 years.

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We will respond accurately to customer's needs.

Relife annealing, magnetic annealing, stress removal, vacuum brazing can be performed while suppressing coloring in vacuum heat treatment furnace.

Even large-sized and large-volume products are supported by five large vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

When brazing a product with a complicated shape, it is dealt with by dividing the temperature zone and performing it multiple times.

By devising the heat treatment process and utilizing jigs, we try to minimize distortion, bending and dimensional change.

H I P treatment can remove internal defects of the material and achieve diffusion bonding even in complicated shapes.Removal of internal defects of the lens is also possible.

Please contact us for delivery. If there is an order, we will process it on holiday return.

Even if processing conditions such as new products and test items are not established, we will provide optimal solutions for customers.

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Our products: Nuclear power related (Cooling water pipe / Cooling water valve), Thermal power related (Turbine blade), Automobile related (Stator), Semiconductor manufacturing equipment related (Stepper lens), Aircraft related (Bearing, Gas turbine) , Medical equipment related (Inspection equipment parts) and others.


Since its foundation in 1964, TOTYAKIN Co., Ltd. has been responding to a wide range of needs as a comprehensive and diversified manufacturer of precision heat treatment. Especially for vacuum heat treatment processing, we are equipped with top grade furnaces in Japan, and its technical capability receives high praise from the customers.

Heat treatment menu

Vacuum heat treatment

1. Facility

TV-1 Horizontal batch vacuum furnace
Max 1300℃  W 610 × H 460 × L 910

TV-2 Horizontal batch vacuum furnace
Max 1300℃  W 910 × H 790 × L 2 000

TV-3 Two-chamber vacuum furnace
Max 1300℃  W 800 × H 800 × L 1300

TV-4 Horizontal batch vacuum furnace
Max 1300℃  W 910 × H 760 × L 1830

TV-5 Three-chamber vacuum furnace
Max 1300℃  W 610 × H 460 × L 910

2. Outline of processing

Since heat treatment is performed in a vacuum, the work will be able to show a brilliant surface finish.

Facilities can support any heat treatment such as quenching, annealing, solid solution, aging, precipitation hardening, normalizing, stabilization treatment, baking and brazing.


1. Facility

1 HIP furnace (Kobe SteelLtd.)
Max 1400 Max 1500 kgf/cu  φ500 × H 1500

2. Outline of processing

"HIP treatment (hot isostatic pressing)" is an advanced technology that pressurizes the work by way of synergistic effect of pressure 1000 kgf / cm2 or more and temperature 1000 or more, using such as argon gas as pressurizing medium. This is a vacuum heat treatment service with over 20 years of experience and know-how. High value added products can be realized by using high temperature and high isostatic pressure.

Diffusion bonding of metals and removal of internal defects by utilizing high temperature and high pressure.

A wide range of materials such as powder materials, castings, carbide and sintered products can be processed.

Corporate history


Toto Metallurgical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki.


TOTYAKIN Industry Co., Ltd. was established.


Yokohama plant was newly built in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama.


Company name was changed to TOTYAKIN Technology Co., Ltd.


JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) certification was given to the company.


Mayor Prize of Kawasaki City was awarded to the company as an excellent measurement control.


Japan Defense Agency certification was given to the company.


Vacuum heat treatment laboratory was newly established in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama.


Governor prize of Kanagawa Prefecture was awarded to the company as an excellent company.


A new vacuum heat treatment plant is established in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama.


HIP factory was newly built in Kohoku-ku, Yokohama.


A.S.A.C.(Allied Signal Aerospace Company) USA.certification was given to the company.


Vacuum heat treatment plant and HIP factory was integrated and plant name was changed to Tsunashima plant.


ISO 9001: 2008, JIS Q 9001.2008 certification was registered for Yokohama plant.


TOTYAKIN Co., Ltd. was established.


TOTYAKIN Technology Co., Ltd. became subsidiary of TOTYAKIN Co., Ltd.




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